BSRC has secured the rights to use PWRR rails to provide
six daily roundtrips between Worcester and Providence.

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The Boston Surface Railroad Company (BSRC) was founded in 2012 to provide metropolitan New England with a privately owned and operated rail service along underserved, high traffic commuter routes that lack a convenient and affordable alternative to travel by car or bus.

New England is just one of many interconnected metropolitan regions experiencing significant growth as the U.S. economy begins to improve, stimulating residential home ownership and commercial real estate development outside of traditional urban and suburban boundaries.

BSRC has secured track and stationhouse rights between Worcester, MA, and Providence, RI, and plans to commence service in 2014 with reconditioned equipment that will carry an estimated 360,000 annual passengers in its first year of operation, constituting three percent of the total commuter population, growing to eight percent or nearly one million annual riders within five years.


  • Convenient schedule of 6 daily trips
  • Single stop each direction
  • Uncongested rush-hour rail lines
  • Easy parking/pickup at each station
  • Upgraded station facilities
  • Modern cars with ultra-high speed WiFi
  • Leather seating and ambient lighting
  • First and Business Class service
  • Café car operated by Dunkin Donuts
  • Full liquor service
  • Discounted monthly passes
  • Tickets available online or at station

Experience the convenience of six daily trips along uncongested
rush-hour rail lines

Initially serving Worcester-Providence with anticipated expansion to New London

BSRC Services

The Company has identified the Worcester-Providence market as its initial route because of a large number of daily automobile trips and a lack of convenient rail service between the cities. The availability of existing freight rail lines and the enthusiastic cooperation of the Providence & Worcester Railroad make the route economically viable. BSRC has designed a 50 minute one-way commute between Worcester and Providence at a coach-class cost that is equivalent to that of travel by car).

There are 47,500 weekday commuters traveling between Worcester and Providence. Less than one percent of them travel by rail between the two cities using Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) rail service, a 2 hour ride each direction that requires a connection at Boston’s South Station. The remaining daily commuters travel an average of 67 minutes each way in 38,000 daily vehicle trips. 10,000 additional commuters travel from Woonsocket, RI, a planned stop on the BSRC Worcester-Providence route.

Enjoy the comforts of commuter trains, featuring contoured leather seats, convenient power outlets and high performance WiFi.


Boston Surface Railroad Company

Enjoy the comforts of commuter trains, featuring contoured
leather seats, convenient power outlets and high performance WiFi


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