Invest In Private Passenger Rail Service!

Privately issued savings bonds offer an opportunity for long and medium term returns on smaller investment amounts, with annual interest rates of either 8% or 9% based on term.

Bond purchases are secured by the assets of The Boston Surface Railroad Company.  Annual filings of UCC forms will be made in the name of the bond recipient with the Secretary of State of the State of Rhode Island by the Company.

Bond proceeds are tax exempt either 50% or in full based on the term of the Bond as per 26 U.S. Code Subchapter Z – Opportunity Zones (applies to US taxes only) as invested into the Zone defined by US Census Tract 180 or other tract identified on the face of the Bond.

Each bond is purchased for the initial value shown in the table below and is redeemable for its face value (redemption value) upon maturity.  Bonds mature either Five or Ten years after purchase.  Bonds may be deposited at any banking institution or presented for cash at the institution shown on its face (varies based on area of purchase). Bonds do not accrue interest past maturity date.

Bonds may be given as gifts by naming the intended receiver in the Recipient Field.  Physical bonds will be mailed USPS first class within 48 hours of purchase or via International Airmail (par avion).

  Accredited investors interested in equity or other secured offerings may inquire here.

$250 Denomination

Term Options
Name of Bond Recipient

$500 Denomination

Term Options
Name of Bond Recipient

Bonds purchased here are not in any way affiliated with or connected to Savings Bonds issued by the Treasury Department of the United States.  Bonds here constitute a secured loan to the Company by the purchaser.